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The word Highfalutin is a southern term used to describe individuals or experiences that are of an elite, highly regarded status or class. Given the nature of our services and the experience we aim to provide to our clientele... it is only fitting that we are branded and identified as Highfalutin Consulting, LLC.


Highfalutin Etiquette and Image Services was founded by Kyra Evette Bodrick, in 2018, with the intent to elevate the way young professionals look, presented themselves and to help seasoned professionals reinvent themselves both: socially and professionally.

Through this service, the company has held a series of etiquette and image workshops and classes for churches, non-profit organizations and businesses across Metro Atlanta. 

In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, the company saw an opportunity to expand into brand marketing strategy services to provide entrepreneurs with the same Highfalutin quality of service for their business. The vision was to help business create a strong, elite brand, with a dash of southern charm! From there... Highfalutin Consulting, LLC was born.

Our services now extend beyond modern etiquette and image, we now offer staff etiquette training, custom brand guides, marketing strategy, web and digital print designs.

Fun Fact: What does the Highfalutin Brand remind you of? Does it gives you a Charleston, SC vibe? If so... you are spot on... Kyra is originally from Ravenel, SC, the countryside of Charleston.



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