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Lead with poise

Ideal for Career Readiness Organizations, Business Owners, Leadership Mentor Groups, Middle, Highschool and Collegiate Students

Handle Your Business With Class

Advance your career by learning impeccable business and social etiquette that empowers the LEADER in you.

Highfalutin Curriculum:

Social & Networking:

  • Making a Strong First Impression with Grace

  • Learning the Proper Qay to Qork a Room Confidently

  • Maintaining Business Relationships

  • Business Meeting & Presentation Protocol

  • Social Media Etiquette

  • Communicating Effectively

Maintaining Satisfied Clients:

  • Customer Service Etiquette

  • Follow Ups & Customer Appreciation

  • Engaging Clients at all Levels

  • ​Mastering the art of being the ultimate business / social event host & guest

  • Navigating Business small talk