Your Brand Isn't Complete Without A Signature Photo 

Headshots or Highfalutin shots as we call them should be taken every year! We are excited to partner with Mullen Group Productions to capture the best side of you..that compliments your brand!

Below are sample shots of their work! Highfalutin will arrange all of the photoshoot logistics and even assist with your styling needs! 

 Highfalutin Headshot & Style Consulting Fee $175+





Mullen Group Productions

Is the brainchild of Derrick Mullen, a multi-skilled camera-op/director/producer. Derrick is continuing to build his credits and body of work. In between movie productions, he has developed a series of projects and secured a multimedia and photography contract with one of Atlanta's Megachurches. In 2015, Derrick created a web series called, “Chefn' in Atlanta" that is gaining popularity amoungst the digital community.

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